Best way to build a villa extension, Majlis in the UAE 2023

Introduction to the construction of the villa or Majlis annex and the need for it

Many owners of villas and houses have a largely untapped space and the need to add space to the residence whether it is used as a guest house or an extension for the residence of the servants, guard or kitchen, or work what looks like a mini apartment for the residence and marriage of one of the children or even build it to rent it as a residence to make a profit from it with the work of a separate entrance to it or the same entrance to the main residence

How to find help to get your project done

Many customers when they come up with the idea of working on an extension of the villa or establishing a board they will write to a concrete contracting company to design and implement the project for them, although most contracting companies can perform this process relatively easy but there is more than a problem for this method first the construction company will ask you design from an engineering advisory office and secondly the usual construction method of concrete structure used by contracting companies costs a lot of money and time also, for example, the roof is made of reinforced concrete which increases The high cost of concrete materials, iron arming, wood for foram work, many workers, insulation and finishes takes a lot of time and money 😢

So what is the best solution and way to work the Majlis or the villa annex?

We mentioned, in short, some of the problems that you encounter when thinking about the work of villa annex and the solution to the two problems as follows, for the first problem of design work the trend in the engineering work is to find a company that does the work of engineering design and purchase of materials and the implementation of the project until completion which is called the contract EPC - engineering, procurement and construction and more abbreviated is a turnkey contract For the second problem the high cost of traditional construction solutions in alternative safe and much less expensive methods such as the sandwich panel as an alternative to the concrete roof to reduce the cost of the project and also the time and treatments needed for concrete and insulation, there are also ready-made buildings and come several areas of the most famous in the form of a shipping container 20 feet, and we at Mustafa company provide you with our services more than one way to work your project in high quality

Solutions available for the work of a Majlis or attached villa with high quality and low cost

There are several solutions to work for your project the customer tells our engineering staff about the area of land available for construction and its requirements and our team helps him to make a design appropriate and make proposals for the highest quality and provides the customer with 2Ds and 3Ds to give him a full idea of the project and its adoption

1. Construction attached to the usual construction method with the work of the ceiling of the sandwich panel

In this way, simple concrete bases and columns are made and the construction is made of bricks and finishing internal and exterior according to the choice of the customer the ceiling is from the sandwich panel and features the same appearance as the usual construction with significantly reduced cost
Villa supplement scheme in Dubai
Plan attached to a villa of approximately 300 square meters in Al Warqaa Dubai
Villa Attaché Council in Dubai
Majlis façade, villa annex in Dubai paper
Photos during the implementation of the Villa Supplement in Dubai
photo from the site during the construction of a villa annex in Dubai paper with an area of approximately 300 square meters

Video during surface testing of the project

Video from inside the supplement after spraying and flooding the surface with water

3. Construction of the outer attachment of tiles

In this way the structure of the outer attachment/board is built of brick and the roof structure is made of iron and encapsulated and isolated by bitumen coils and the ceiling is tested against leakage and then the tile is installed and the internal and external finishing is according to the customer's desire

A simplified explanation of the steps of action and construction of the external attachment of the tile

We will add the video soon, sorry for disturbance

2. Build a supplement or board in a cold iron way

In this way, the exterior of the board is made of cold-formed iron and the walls are made of a panel sandwich or cement panels (cement board) and internal and external finishing as desired by the customer

3. Construction of an accessory using prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings are characterized by the speed of completion of the project and the ease of making any future modifications at a time, the construction structure is made of galvanized iron and the ceiling and walls of the sandwich panel banal heat insulator
Technical specifications of the ready-made quentin
Technical specifications of the container used as a building ready in our
projects Examples of the use of prefabricated buildings in projects designed and implemented by our engineering team
Waiting station at Sharjah Ferry Terminal
Ready-made (pre-made building - 20-foot container) used as a waiting station with glass façade, in Sharjah, Khan Street next to the aquarium
A café from a building ready
Ready-made (pre-made - 20-foot container) used as a café with a loft board and a rear ladder for the roof, cafeteria in Dubai, al Barsha south next to the Mall of The Markets
Office company on site
2 floors office for a company with a side ladder and glass façade and 2 high-quality bathrooms, in Dubai free zone

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