Al Mustafa Technical Services, Majlis Designing, And Construction, Villa Extensions & Pre Fabricated Houses (Prefab Houses)

We are happy to serve and help you, providing the highest quality work starting from the designing phase, after confirming the designs, we will give you a detailed offer.  

المصطفى للخدمات والأعمال الفنية وتصميم وانشاء المجالس والاستراحات وملاحق الفلل والقصور والبيوت الجاهزة

نقوم بمساعدتك وتقديم افضل خدمة لأي عمل فني, هندسى تحتاجه بداية من مرحلة التصميم مع تقديم المخططات ونموذج ثلاثي الأبعاد, وتقديم عروض شاملة كل التفاصيل لإتمام مشروعك مع تقديم تقارير دورية حتي الانتهاء وتسليم المشروع.

We Offer The Work Quality That You Deserve  

Customers do deserve getting a high quality service and for us providing a high-quality work is inarguable. We are blessed that we made a bright history of happy customers with the services we have done for them across Dubai and all the United Arab Emirates.

Middle east family life style
Villa in Dubai UAE

innovative ideas, stylish
designs inspired from UAE Heritage 

Our designs are inspired from the great UAE heritage and style along with modern designing styles also, both combined we will deliver you the best options you can ever have in the market. 

our specialties

our specialties

Young manual workers standing at construction site and examining blueprints.
Technical Services  & Maintenance 

We do all types of maintenance work and repairs.

Architecture & Interior Design

With the help of our architects and engineers we can provide you with a state-of-art designs including 2Ds and 3Ds Layouts

Man Entering Majlis in Dubai UAE
Majlis & Villa Extension Construction 

We have a broad experience in designing and constructing many Majlis building around all the United Arab Emirates,    

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